Jul 7, 2015 - News

The Future of Health Care

Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe’s CEO and co-founder, spoke recently with Kai Ryssdal, the host and senior editor at
Anne_Color_ SeatedMarketplace, about the company, genetics, and the future of health care.

It’s a good overview of some of what we’ve been doing lately here at 23andMe.

Anne takes time to explain some of 23andMe’s core mission about helping people access and benefit from their genetic information, as well as explain how this information will become increasingly important in the future.

Genetic information is already changing health care, but it is also changing drug development and discovery. 23andMe recently announced the creation of its new therapeautics group, lead by renowned scientist Richard Scheller, Ph.D. Anne talked a little bit about this effort and how it aligns with 23andMe’s overall mission.

It’s worth taking a few minutes to listen to the piece.

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