Nov 23, 2015 - 23andMe and You

The New 23andMe Experience

23andMe offers a look into what your genes say about you, and this week the first chromosomeswave of our customers will begin getting that glimpse through our new experience.

The new experience offers multiple ways to understand what your genes say about you, whether you want to look at your ancestry, the traits you share with family, how your genetics plays a role in food preferences, or what conditions you might pass on to your children.

The new experience is also the first and only direct to consumer genetic test to include reports that have marketing authorization from the FDA.

The new experience includes some of the same features and tools that 23andMe first pioneered including our Ancestry Composition reports and DNA Relatives tool, but how that information is conveyed to customers has been fully reimagined.

There are simpler and more elegant ways to trace inheritance, and easier ways to share and compare data with others.

To see for yourself, take a look at this short video and look at some of the features being offered in the new 23andMe experience.

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