Aug 11, 2015 - Ancestry

The Way Way Back

Scott Fisher, the host of the nationally syndicated family history radio show Extreme Genes, spent his last show focused on 23andMe’s ancestry offerings, explaining a little bit about the science of KasiaB 1DNA testing for genealogy from our very own population geneticist Kasia Byrc, PhD.

Kasia has been pretty busy lately, participating recently in the Global Family Reunion, and before that the South By Southwest festival in Austin, as well as writing about the complex admixture of African Americans, Latinos and Europeans in the United States. Her research has helped show how our DNA can inform us about human migration and history in the United States over the last few hundred years.

Extreme Genes is syndicated on more than 30 stations across the country and also has a regular podcast that covers all things related to genealogy. Fisher himself is a national expert in the field of genealogy, and the interview with Kasia was meant to offer those interested in tapping into the 23andMe tool box to improve their own genealogical searches.

During this episode on 23andMe, Fisher and Kasia covered some of the science behind using genetic data to help inform people about their ancestry.

Fisher explained how his own results – connections with several different distant cousins – helped him leverage what his family already knew about their history to learn even more.

“Using DNA is a fantastic tool to dig into your own history,” Kasia said during the show.

Along with detailing some of the science, Kasia, who was an NIH Ruth L. Kirschetein National Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School before coming to work at 23andMe, Inc., also shared a few stories from 23andMe customers and how they used their results to discover more about their families.

Check out the podcast here.

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