Feb 25, 2022 - Lemonaid Health

With New Walgreens-Lemonaid Collaboration, Personalized Telehealth is Just a Click Away


For many patients, the process of finding quality, personalized telehealth can be arduous and unnecessarily complicated.

A new collaboration between Walgreens and telehealth and pharmacy company Lemonaid Health seeks to change that. 

Lemonaid has joined  Walgreens Find Care, a digital health platform that connects customers to a network of local and national health providers and services. 

Under the agreement, Lemonaid will offer a breadth of telehealth offerings in categories like women’s health, men’s health, general health, skin, testing, and more.

“A Real Opportunity”

The integration is “a real opportunity,” said Raza Faizi, a growth product manager for Lemonaid. “We can reach potential patients who are not as familiar with telehealth, or maybe a little hesitant about it, and they can explore our offerings from a well-known health care provider like Walgreens.”

Lemonaid, which was recently acquired by 23andMe, was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing access to affordable, excellent, and convenient health care. 

“We’re committed to giving patients a positive experience,” explained Faizi. “We want them to say, ‘that was refreshingly easy,’ or, ‘that was so convenient,’ – sentiments that you don’t typically hear in the doctor-patient world.”

Faizi sees the collaboration with Walgreens as one way to deepen this commitment. 

“With Walgreens, we’ve tried to think outside the box to determine how we can help each other grow and evolve and how we can improve our offerings for our patients.” 

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