23andMe Appoints Andy Page President

23andMe PortraitsEarlier this week 23andMe appointed Andy Page as company president.Andy brings to the job incredible business experience as well as a long history with 23andMe. He has watched the company closely since its founding and he has served on the board of directors since 2012.  During that time Andy has seen 23andMe grow and articulate its business model. He is both very familiar with what 23andMe does and what it needs to do to continue to be a leader  in the personal genomics sector.He also jumps on board just as 23andMe has hit a period of rapid growth. As president of 23andMe Andy will oversee not just our business strategy, but also our operations. He will report to CEO and Co-Founder Anne Wojcicki, who will lead 23andMe’s research organization and continue to shape the long-term vision of the company.After talking to employees earlier this week, Anne put Andy’s new position into perspective in a press release.“Today’s announcement broadens the management team and reflects both our extraordinary growth and future ambitions,” Anne said this week. “Several months ago, we announced a goal of attracting one million customers by the end of 2013. I believe this goal is a stepping-stone for empowering even more individuals to take greater control of their health through personal genetics. Looking to 2014 and beyond, I see the need to focus on this vision for the future as well as our business strategy to ensure the company scales effectively.”For his part, Andy sees a lot of potential for the business.“This company can be transformative on a global scale, making personalized medicine and real-time research a reality,” Andy said. “The company has made significant progress in achieving its potential, and working with Anne and the rest of the 23andMe team I look forward to building a successful company that improves health care and   advances the understanding of the human genome.”Check out our press release here for more about Andy.
  • deirdre baird

    I have a recommendation – a humanitarian one! Would you consider allowing BONE MARROW transplantation registry? They do a swab of your cheek to get your HLA profile… I’m not sure how that relates to what you do w/ our DNA at 23andme BUT if you are able to check the same things And/or allow people to OPT in to Bone Marrow transplantation registration .. it would be really wonderful. So many adults and children die every year that my guess is many of your customers would welcome the opportunity to be able to help if their dna is a match. THis came up when I saw a bit on tv about bone marrow registration .. it immediately made me wonder if what they were testing for was the same as what you can evaluate with 23andme. Even if not… it would be a great option to provide people when they buy a kit and/or as an option later (e.g. you’d send them the cheek swab and the spit thing at same time). Seems like a fabulous way you could – as a for-profit enterprise – also “give back” by combining the services your providing with a means for testing for complimentary and humanitarian type things ;->

    • ScottH

      Hi Deirdre, It’s a great idea and something that has come up in the past internally. We have looked into the possibility before. I’ll be sure to pass on the suggestion to our team. Thanks.

  • RightKlik

    Words conspicuosly absent from this post: “genealogy” and “ancestry”.

    Genetic genealogists take note.

  • Dan

    I am relatively new to 23and Me, but I have navigated through what I think is the major information, but I think it would be helpful if 23andMe would put up a section on just what can be found and how–how to use the site to its utmost.

    • ScottH

      Dan, We have a help page that includes answers to some of the commonly asked questions and some details about some of the things you can learn using the tools on the site.