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Passionate about personalized medicine? Fascinated by new technologies? The 3rd annual acclaimed Personalized Medicine World Conference is just around the corner, and YOU could win a free pass!23andMe, a bronze-level sponsor of the conference, will be awarding five (5) complimentary admissions to attend this conference to our loyal — and most poetic — readers! Simply submit an original poem to to enter the contest.*The poem can be any length and any style, but must use at least five words or phrases from the list below to be eligible. You may submit as many poems as you like. Poems will be evaluated based on creativity and overall appeal by a panel of judges with questionable taste, none of whom will have had previous experience judging poetry contests. (View the Official Rules.)

Entries will be accepted until 11:59PM PST on December 31, 2010 and winners will be notified shortly thereafter.PMWC 2011 will be held January 18-19, 2011 in the heart of Silicon Valley at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Learn more about PMWC 2011 here.Please include at least 5 of the following in your poem:
23andMe ancestry health 5th cousin GWAS chromosome DNA genotype phenotype Mendelian spittoon haplogrouppersonalized medicine pharmacogenomics SNP (or, single nucleotide polymorphism) IBD (or, identical-by-descent) The name of any other PMWC 2011 host, sponsor, or partner (not 23andMe) The name of any 23andMe Health report (e.g. “Photic Sneeze Reflex” or “Gallstones”) The name of any 23andMe feature (e.g. “Ancestry Painting”, “Browse Raw Data”, or “Family Inheritance”) The name of any 23andWe research survey (e.g. “Ten Things About You”, “Ocular Dominance”, or “Under Pressure”)
So find your muse, flex those creative muscles, and send us your most poetic genetic thoughts for a chance to win a free pass to PMWC 2011!* If you know that you cannot attend PMWC 2011, we ask that you refrain from submitting a poem, unless you clearly indicate that your entry is not to be included among those competing for a prize.NO PURCHASE OR OBLIGATION NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Open to legal residents of the U.S., age 18 or older who have an active email account and Internet access. Employees of 23andMe and its affiliates, and their immediate family members and persons living in their same household, are not eligible. To enter, submit your entry by 11:59PM PST on December 31, 2010 to No limit on entries per person. Each of the five (5) winners will receive one discount code for a complimentary pass to attend the Personalized Medicine Conference on January 18-19, 2011 in Mountain View, California. Winner is solely responsible for any and all taxes that apply. Winner is solely responsible for transportation, lodging, and any other arrangements needed to attend the conference. Complete rules are available here:
  • “My Genes and Me”

    Genes between probes
    Vary my transcription
    Condition their relation
    And length of ear lobes

    My credit card spelled out
    The questionnaires went
    I too gave consent
    To have my test done, no doubt

    A saliva drop fell
    As the parcel came home
    I shook it all well
    The lab got it, I logged on

    Risks and Ancestry I found
    Some were fine, some were high
    I Scrolled up, I scrolled down
    Browsed data through the night

    Then something else happened
    A 5th cousin had chatted
    That shared my haplogroup
    Was she part of my troupe?

    Yet it was all the genotypes
    That 23andMe found alike
    Without it I wouldn’t know
    Such tales of my chromosomes

    For how can a little SNP count
    If these traits are all mine
    My phenotypes all defined
    When I had just DNA out

    And if this was not enough
    Hope you’ll let me certify
    GWAS is good for some stuff
    Even if it’s hard to identify

    I am not an US resident nor will be able to attend.

    This entry is submitted on behalf of ‘’, a 23andMe genome data visualization tool.

  • Ruth

    There are two emails listed for sending entries in the blog post, and Which one is correct?