After the Click, Knowing BRCA, Laura’s Story

June 30, 2022
We’ve talked to hundreds of 23andMe customers about what they did ‘after the click,’ after they opened up a report and learned about an unknown risk for breast cancer, or lung and liver disease, or cardiac and neurological issues.  Most often, the response isn’t one of fear but empowerment.  Suddenly they and their doctor have the information they can use to follow up on a risk in order to prevent or treat a serious illness. And this is often for risks they wouldn’t have known of otherwise. 
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After the Click: Claudia Catches Her Breath

May 30, 2022
Claudia didn’t know she was an “Alpha,” as people with her condition sometimes call themselves. For years, decades really, she didn’t know why she was susceptible to sinus infections, bronchitis, and periodic bouts with pneumonia. Neither did her doctors. In fact, at one point after suffering from shortness of breath, she went in for several tests, but her doctor thought she was focused on the wrong thing. “He said maybe I needed to exercise more because he couldn’t find anything wrong with me,” Claudia said.
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