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Archaeologists Discover Early Example of Domesticated Camels

Most experts agree that the earliest examples of farming and animal domestication lie in the aptly named Fertile Crescent, in present day Iraq.  But still many questions have lingered over the years, especially with regard to remnants of farming or animal domestication that have not survived to the present ...

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Peopling of the Americas (Times Two)

Just when you thought everything was starting to make sense – new genetic research on the peopling of the Americas throws us a curve. There has been plenty of research in both genetics and archaeology recently trying to figure out how the New World was colonized. Was it by boat or via the frozen wasteland ...

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It’s All About the Seaweed: New Theories on the Peopling of the Americas

One of the most exciting aspects of archaeology is how new research can alter previously held notions about prehistoric events. One of the most hotly debated of these events is the peopling of the Americas. Theories on the timing and specifics of the arrival of the first Americans are modified continuously ...

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