Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

June 09, 2022
Father’s Day has a little more significance this year for Rick, a 53-year-old real estate agent in Key West. Thanks to 23andMe, the lifelong bachelor learned late last year that...
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A 23andMe Customer Reflects on the Meaning of Family  

April 21, 2022
By Jodee ProuseI believe nothing is more important than family. But what do I mean when I say family? For me, it’s about more than the DNA we share. A...
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A Veterans’ Day Story From 23andMe

November 09, 2021
On Veterans’ Day this year, Jessica Dudley will be thinking a lot about someone she’s never met. An Army Veteran she’d searched for her whole life. “I’m very proud of him....
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This Father’s Day Is their First

June 07, 2020
While fatherhood is about much more than biology, for many using DNA to connect with their birth fathers for the first time has given them answers to questions about their origins, and their family history. This Father's Day is particularly special for a few 23andMe customers because it is the first one they'll have with their new-found birth fathers. 
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Mindy and Cindy’s 23andMe Story

April 18, 2019
Using 23andMe Mindy and Cindy discovered that they are sisters and uncovered a twist to their story that only deepens their connections.
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