Sibling Rivalry

April 24, 2015
There’s nature and nurture and then there’s all that bickering – or lack of it – with our brothers or sisters. Birth order, and the family dynamic between siblings –...
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Quiz Answers: Oldest vs. Youngest — Success, Personality, and Health

June 13, 2012
Theories abound about the effects of birth order on personality, success, and other life outcomes. Last week we quizzed our readers on traits that differed between 23andMe customers who were oldest children (firstborns) versus youngest children (lastborns). So what were the correct answers? Read on...
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Oldest vs. Youngest — Let the Sibling Rivalries Begin!

June 06, 2012
Ever felt like your studious oldest sibling was more responsible? Or that your rebellious younger sibling always got the most attention? Our latest quiz questions our thoughts about the effects birth order has on personality, accomplishment, and life choices.
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