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SNPwatch: Genetic Variant Involved in Dangerous Blood Transfusion Reaction Identified

There's no doubt that blood saves lives.  According to the Red Cross, in the United States alone about five million people need a total of 14 million pints of blood each year.  That's 38,000 pints every day. But transfusions are not without their dangers.  Among them is transfusion-related acute lung ...

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SNPwatch: Two Large Studies Identify More Variants Associated with Blood-Related Traits

Previously in The Spittoon, we discussed two papers that identified genetic variants associated with hemoglobin levels in circulating blood. But blood consists of much more than hemoglobin, and it is responsible for much more than just transporting oxygen. This week Nature Genetics published the results of ...

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SNPwatch: Genetic Variations Influencing Hemoglobin Levels Identified

Doctors routinely order the complete blood count (CBC) for their patients because they can learn a lot about a person's health by measuring the numbers of different types of blood cells in the circulation, their sizes and the ratios between them. One component of the CBC is usually a measure of the total ...

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More on ABO Blood Type: The Key to Compatibility

Editor's note: This post has been edited to reflect the current product. When it comes to blood transfusions, what's good for one person might be deadly for another. This might seem obvious today, but until 1900 the idea of "blood types" wasn’t understood. A person in need of a transfusion could find ...

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