Happy National Cousins Day

July 24, 2018
On National Cousins Day we bring you the story of Lisa Henry and Joyce Schur, who are so close that they always felt like they were more than just friends, and after using 23andme they learned they are actually cousins.
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Another Extreme Genes Podcast

September 22, 2015
Scott Fisher, the host of the syndicated family history radio show and podcast Extreme Genes, talked earlier this month with 23andMe’s Senior Director of Research Joanna Mountain. For this episode,...
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Strangers No More

September 09, 2015
Blurring the line between stranger and relation, the artist Laurel Nakadate used DNA testing to connect to hundreds of cousins who she Laurel Nakadate. Photo: © Suki Dhanda, 2011, Courtesy...
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Everyone Is Related. The (Big) Data Proves It

March 23, 2015
By Kasia Bryc Earlier this month, I was at the South by Southwest conference in Austin to speak on a panel with the writer AJ Jacobs, about how interconnected we...
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Three Degrees of Separation At SXSW

March 07, 2014
At SXSW 23andMe researchers illustrated the interconnectedness of everyone with a version of six degrees of seperation but instead of using social connections genetics and only two or three degrees of separation.
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Using 23andMe to Make Connections

October 30, 2012
We plead guilty to occasionally geeking out on genetics, so it’s nice to see when someone else does it too. In September, Moment Magazine got all nerdy and wrote about...
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Three Degrees of 23andMe

August 23, 2012
Using 23andMe's DNA Relatives can reveal something quite extraordinary, about how interconnected we all are. By comparing the DNA of a random collection of people we find that any two people are linked by just three degrees of separation.
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