Back-to-School: The Genetics of Learning from Your Mistakes

September 11, 2012
For back-to-school month we’re running a series of posts on genetic factors that may impact learning. Here we describe a variant that may influence a person’s ability to learn from...
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DNA Variation May Help Us Break Free From Our Routines

July 31, 2009
“But we always go there!”And so begins another Friday night. When it comes to choosing where to go to dinner, my husband likes to stick with the tried and true....
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Genetics May Dull Pleasure Response to Food

October 16, 2008
Although obesity was seen as a sign of social status during the Renaissance, it’s been known since long before then that being overweight is actually unhealthy.We all know that carrying...
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Genetic Variant May Increase Risk for Anxiety Disorders

August 10, 2008
In the movie Batman Begins, young Bruce Wayne attends the opera with his parents and becomes increasingly uncomfortable at the costumes that remind him of the bats he had encountered...
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