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A Conversation With 23andMe Researcher Chao Tian

This interview is part of an occasional series of profiles introducing you to the people behind 23andMe’s compelling research. Chao Tian is a statistical geneticist, who came to 23andMe after studying Genetics and Statistics at UC Davis and working for two other genetics startups in the Bay Area. At 23andMe, ...

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23andMe Customers’ Reported Side-Effects To Drugs

As many as one-third of customers in a 23andMe survey reported some sort of side effect from prescription or over-the-counter medication, according to data compiled by our researchers. The results confirm that people often experience unintended effects from medication. Most of the time those effects are ...

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Blood Thinners and the Genetics Behind Drug Response

A study in the journal Lancet regarding a new blood thinning drug brings to mind the difficulty doctors and patients have in using anticoagulants to prevent clots that could otherwise lead to heart attacks or strokes. The mostly commonly used blood thinner, warfarin (Coumadin®) has proven to be a godsend ...

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The Power of Predictive Care

You are unique, but sometimes when you see your doctor you don’t feel you’re being treated that way. The promise of personalized medicine is that what makes you, you, can also be used to tailor the health care plan that is most effective for you. This is already happening, in part, because of the work ...

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A Prescription for Personalizing Medicine

While a lot of the discussion about personalized medicine is focused on the future, Felix Frueh of Medco Health Solutions believes the most promising possibilities for individualized care could be implemented right now. Knowing a person’s underlying genetics with currently available tests could make ...

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