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Thanks Dad

If your eyes are brown, or you can wiggle your ears, or you love black licorice, it’s likely you should be thanking your dad. As we near Father’s Day 23andMe wanted to take a look specifically at fathers, and the traits they are likely to have in common with their children. While we shouldn’t be ...

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Ah, Fatherhood — Dirty Diapers, Skinned Knees … and Healthier Hearts?

You claim that Junior is giving you gray hairs, but is he really? In actuality your kids may be adding years to your life -- one recent study suggests that fatherhood may actually reduce a man’s risk of dying from a heart attack. The study, which was conducted last year and led by Michael Eisenberg at ...

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Happy Father’s Day! Celebrate Your DNA From Dad!

There is no one quite like Dad. Dad is the story-book-reader, the scraped-knee-healer, and the piggy-back-ride hero of childhood. And even though no one is exactly like Dad, there is someone who is at least partially like him: you. In addition to the piggy-back rides, your father also gave you half of his ...

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