More Alike Than Different

February 22, 2022
For Twosday (Tuesday 2/22/22) We're sharing a story we did a few years back about identical twins. Twins are endlessly fascinating for us as humans, and their stories are embedded in our folklore and mythology. But twins and the study of twins is also a cornerstone for genetic research helping us better understand the heritability of different traits, conditions and diseases. Check out these stories.
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The Genetics of Twinning

April 28, 2016
An international team of scientists has identified two genetic variants that influence the odds of a mother having natural fraternal, non-identical, twins. Hamdi Mbarek The findings also offer more insight...
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The true value of two-for-one deals

July 21, 2008
In a recent paper, Southern California researchers announced that political involvement has a genetic component.Though they stopped short of identifying a gene or genes at work, the researchers concluded that...
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