Elephants Are Red, Donkeys Are Blue, Genetics Can Influence Politics, Too

June 05, 2012
As Americans approach the elections this November, discussions of what influences economic and political preferences abound. Pundits use factors like income, gender, and education level to make predictions on how people will vote. But do they ever consider genetics in making their predictions? Maybe they should...
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Quiz Answers: Heritability Demystified

May 16, 2012
Congratulations to Monica P., the winner of our heritability quiz! Read on for the answers and to learn more about what we can say about nature vs. nurture.
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What Do You Know About Heritability?

May 09, 2012
Is it nature or nature? One concept scientists use to describe this balance is "heritability". But there are some nuances to this concept that often cause it to be misinterpreted. Show us what you know about heritability in this week's quiz!
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Miss Con-GENE-iality

January 27, 2009
If Facebook is starting to take over your life, maybe your genes are partly to blame. Researchers from UC San Diego and Harvard University have shown that certain aspects of...
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