November 28, 2017
23andMe joined forces with the non-profit (RED) to support the fight against AIDS by creating a limited edition (RED)-branded genetic testing kit for the holiday.
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People Powered Research

May 06, 2013
by Anne Pinckard “’You have been asking me questions and taking my blood for years, but I do not know anything about what you have found.’” These words, spoken by...
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SNPwatch: Genetic Variant Affects HIV Viral Set Point and Disease Progression

November 24, 2009
More than 30 million people worldwide are living with HIV, and about three million more are infected each year. Although people infected with the virus are living longer and healthier...
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Very Personalized Medicine: Genetically Customized Bone Marrow Transplant May Have Eradicated Patient’s HIV

November 15, 2008
In a way, organ transplantation is the one branch of medicine that has already been personalized, because doctors must carefully match the immune systems of donor and recipient to prevent...
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Genetic Variant May Influence Susceptibility to HIV

July 16, 2008
A gene variant found mainly in people with African ancestry increases the odds of HIV infection in African Americans exposed to the virus says a study published today. Once infection...
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