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Back-to-School: Human Prehistory 101 Test Results

Correction: Ouch! We mistakenly listed the wrong answer to the last question in the quiz. It has been corrected. Populations are more similar now than they were 500 years ago due to migration and intermixing. The correction did not change the results for the winner. Okay students, pencils down! Last ...

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Back-to-School: Human Prehistory 101

Soon children will be filling their backpacks with new notebooks and pencils and piling into yellow school buses.  Even if your school days are long past, you need not be left behind.  Learning is life-long, and you can continue your education using 23andMe's short animated guides to human prehistory.  ...

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Solving Mysteries via DNA

Finding Your Roots Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is a 10-part series in which the Harvard scholar will delve into the genealogy and genetics of famous Americans. Gates uses history and science, including 23andMe’s ancestry tools, to explore race, family and identify in each episode. With the ...

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Human Prehistory 101: Out of (Eastern) Africa

Take a look at the second installment of 23andMe's Human Prehistory 101 series.  23andMe's creative team (led by chief illustrator Ariana Killoran) recently released "Out of (Eastern) Africa."  With this new installment, we pick up where the previous video left off, when humans were starting to take their ...

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Human Prehistory 101: The Newest Video Series from 23andMe!

When 23andMe launched last November, we set out to make genetics accessible to everyone – not just the experts.  So we created a series of education videos called Genetics 101. These videos educated viewers on the basics of genetics:  What is a gene, what is a SNP, how genes are inherited from generation to ...

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