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New Genetic Analysis Sheds Light on Origins of Indian Castes

Editor's note 4/10/2017: This post has been slightly edited from the original after a reader pointed out that it inferred something regarding Dravidian speakers that wasn't explicitly stated in the paper. For as long as humans have lived in complex communities, cities and civilizations, they have divided and ...

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Direct Genetic Link between Australia and India Provides New Insight into the Origins of Australian Aborigines

In 1974, scientists digging in the dry lake bed of Lake Mungo in southeastern Australia uncovered the skeleton of a man preserved in the deep layers of sand and clay. Dating techniques eventually revealed that this individual died about 40,000 years ago. Scientists and the popular press dubbed the ...

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New Study Looks at Progress and Potential for Genomic Medicine in Developing Nations

A special supplement to Nature Reviews Genetics, published online today, details how four countries with emerging economies – Mexico, India, Thailand and South Africa – are taking steps to build capacity for studies of human genomic variation and its applications to healthcare. Following completion of the ...

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