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The genetics of hunter-gatherer populations

The author during her time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya. As a Peace Corps volunteer teaching in Kenya 25 years ago, I was fascinated by the cultural, linguistic, and physical differences among the people of eastern Africa. One of our Kenyan trainers took us to a "boma" where his tall, ...

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New Research on FOXP2 Gene in Mice Reveals Insights to Origins of Language in Humans

It is estimated that there are up to 8,000 distinct languages spoken around the world today.  At birth, the human mind is capable of learning and understanding any of these languages; an impressive feat given how uniquely complex they are.  The fact that humans are able to understand and communicate with one ...

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Scientists Publish Largest-Ever Study on the Genetics of Modern Africans

When scientific research is published, the authors often confess that they wish they'd collected more data. Critical reviews of research studies often say the same thing. Indeed, if there's anything scientists love, it's more data. Which is why the members of an international team of genetic ...

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