Behind the Scenes at the Lemonaid Pharmacy

September 08, 2022
By Elijah Gray Amid the flurry of activity at the Lemonaid pharmacy in St. Louis, April Ward’s desk is a beacon of calm. Composure is crucial to her work as...
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More on Genetic Report Consults with Lemonaid Health

August 30, 2022
23andMe's genetic report consult service with Lemonaid Health helps customers understand the role genes play in their health. The consult will look at the report in the context of their health history and overall risks. A Lemonaid Health clinician might review family health history information, for example, as it relates to the genetic testing or condition the customer brought forward as their main concern
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Lemonaid Health Offers Access to Emergency Contraceptive

August 02, 2022
Lemonaid Health, a 23andMe-owned telehealth platform, will offer access to prescriptions for ella®, an emergency contraceptive. ella®  has shown to be effective at preventing pregnancy when taken within 5 days...
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Another Step Toward Unlocking the Power of Genetic Health Information

May 03, 2022
Instead of being treated for an illness, most of us would prefer to avoid getting sick in the first place. But in large measure, our health care system isn’t geared...
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A Letter from Anne: Making Personalized Healthcare a Reality

October 22, 2021
23andMe's CEO and Cofounder Anne Wojcicki announced that the company agreed to acquire the telemedicine company Lemonaid Health, a move that marks another step in making personalized healthcare a reality and furthers the company's mission to help people access, understand, and benefit from the human genome.
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