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Mother’s Day Delayed

Sandi had 50 years to prepare for this moment, but as she walked off a plane in Sacramento she felt the anxiety and doubt well-up inside. “It was like the night before you get married and you get cold feet or jitters,” said the 50 year-old mother from New Hampshire. “You just know that in a moment your ...

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Maternal Connections

It’s no surprise that we inherit almost all of our traits from our parents, but 23andMe researchers found that more of those traits come from our mothers than our fathers. So as we near Mother’s Day we thought we’d highlight some of these findings and give you a few more reasons to thank your mom. It ...

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Thanks for the Mito Mom!

Mothers are special on so many levels. We cherish them for loving us and imparting important life lessons... and for giving us mitochondria (or "mito" for short)! Mitochondria are small, roundish structures inside of cells that produce cellular energy. They have "zigzag insides" and their own DNA, which can ...

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