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A New Model for Discerning Parkinson’s

A team of researchers has developed a simple and non-invasive approach that uses genetic data in combination with other demographic and biomarker information to accurately distinguish those with and without Parkinson’s disease, an illness that is notoriously difficult to detect. In a study published this ...

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23andMe In The News

Last week was a good one for research at 23andMe with two announcements that offer more examples of the power of our research model. First was the publication of a massive Parkinson’s disease study that our scientists worked on with a consortium of 50 other organizations that were lead by researchers at ...

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New genetic variants found to influence risk of Parkinson’s disease

A large new study spearheaded by researchers with the National Institute on Aging that involved scientists from more than 50 different institutions worldwide — including 23andMe — has found new genetic risks for Parkinson’s disease. Published in this week’s Nature Genetics, the study is significant for ...

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