Privacy Simplified

June 08, 2022
In the interest of clarity and transparency, 23andMe has made some improvements to its Privacy Policy pages. We’re really excited to share the details of the changes in the Privacy Statement in particular. We’ve simplified the language within our Privacy Statement, Terms of Service, and other legal documents with the goal of making them easier to understand and more accessible. 
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The 23andMe privacy team answers 10 common questions

December 06, 2021
Our commitment to transparency never ends, so we put together answers to several of the most commonly asked questions we receive about privacy at 23andMe.  You should read our Privacy...
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California Expands Consumer Protections for Genetic Testing

October 08, 2021
California recently enacted a new law to protect consumers’ genetic data privacy, rules 23andMe and Coalition for Genetic Data Protection supported. The new law is similar to protections adopted in Utah and Arizona recently, that 23andMe hopes are adopted nationally.
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A Conversation About Privacy Protections at 23andMe

January 28, 2021
Editor’s note: Today is “Data Privacy Day” so we thought it was a good time for a chat with Jacquie Haggarty, who among other roles, is 23andMe’s Privacy Officer. Jacquie...
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23andMe Receives Data Security and Privacy Certifications

October 29, 2020
23andMe recently received two additional privacy certifications from third-party auditors, while successfully re-certifying an existing security certification.  ISO certifications are awarded after extensive audits by independent third-parties. An international standard-setting...
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At 23andMe It Starts with Privacy

August 26, 2020
Securing and protecting that data is paramount to 23andMe. We're committed to keeping our customers' trust and providing a secure place where they can explore their DNA, knowing their privacy is protected. That starts with giving our customers a choice in whether their data is shared. We also want our customers to clearly understand how their data might be used if they choose to share it, and by whom.
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How to be Careful With Your Raw DNA Data 

January 08, 2020
23andMe does not support uploading DNA data from other services. While it allows customers to download their data, it cautions them about the potential risks of using raw data with third-party services.
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Our stance on protecting customers’ data 

November 07, 2019
A Florida judge recently issued a warrant granting law enforcement access to search the database of GEDmatch raising concerns about privacy and data protection. 23andMe has never shared customer data with law enforcement and is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers' data.
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23andMe Makes Honor Roll for Privacy and Security

April 29, 2019
After an audit by the Internet Society’s Online Trust Alliance (OTA), 23andMe was honored for protection, security and privacy of customer data. 23andMe was named to the OTA “Honor Roll”...
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An update to our API Program

September 06, 2018
23andMe has decided to make changes to its API program and establish new standards around scientific integrity and privacy that will be required for partners to be accepted.
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