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Understanding Sharing at 23andMe

Today’s post explains what “Sharing Genomes” means at 23andMe, describes several points to consider when sharing, and introduces some exciting new developments in sharing at 23andMe. 23andMe has revolutionized how people think about DNA. What used to be hidden inside heavy textbooks can now be the subject ...

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“When People Share their Genome on Facebook”

Whether they’re over-sharing or taking bold action in the name of science, people who willingly make their genome public are pushing researchers, policy-makers and others to tackle hefty issues with no readymade answers. At Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s second annual “Beyond Sequencing” conference in ...

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Researchers “Unzip” Their Genomes For The Public Good

A number of bloggers and researchers stand out in terms of their passion for personal genomics and in-depth coverage of this nascent industry. Many of them share 23andMe’s view that individuals should have access to their genetic information and share our vision of a future where this information has a ...

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Ancestry at 23andMe: Introducing Sheridan

Meet Sheridan*. She's a 27 year old female who signed up for 23andMe during one of our sales. Adopted at eight months, she has no information about her biological roots and the adoption agency has no records other than where she was found -- on the steps of a church in a small town near Atlanta, Georgia. She ...

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Sharing is Good

23andMe is all about empowering you to really get to know your own DNA. But we also have tools that let you share and compare your data with family and friends. All you need to do to share your genome with another person is send an invitation from the Genome Sharing page of your account. You’ll need a ...

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