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23andMe Friends Club

Editor’s note: Pending an FDA decision, 23andMe no longer offers new customers access to health reports referred to in this post. Customers who received their health information prior to November 22, 2013 will still be able to see their health reports, but those who purchased after that time will only have ...

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“When People Share their Genome on Facebook”

Whether they’re over-sharing or taking bold action in the name of science, people who willingly make their genome public are pushing researchers, policy-makers and others to tackle hefty issues with no readymade answers. At Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s second annual “Beyond Sequencing” conference in ...

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Call to Participate in a New Study on Social Networking and Personal Genomics

Invitation to Participate in New Research Project -- Social Networking and Personal Genomics: Emerging Issues For Health Research Do you share your information with others? How has your personal genetic information influenced your lifestyle and the way you approach your health and medical decisions? Can ...

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Giving the Gift of a Virtual Gene

Ever since the social media site Facebook allowed users to develop third-party applications, there has been an explosion of various quizzes, icons, and virtual gifts that users can add to each others' profiles. In addition to the various LOLcats, zombies, and werewolves that permeate Facebook these days, ...

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