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Getting Long in the Telomeres

Robin Smith, Health Content Scientist Barring injury, disease or capture, some scientists believe that a lobster could live virtually forever. They are amongst a select group of animals, including tortoises, clams and jellyfish, that are "negligibly senescent." They don't age much. So why aren't we ...

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Genetic Analysis Demonstrates Lack of Ethnic Diversity in Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Most Commonly Used In Research

Using a research method very similar to the one used in 23andMe's Global Similarity advanced view feature, researchers have discovered that most of the embryonic stem cell lines currently studied by researchers are derived from European and Middle Eastern populations.  Only two out of 47 were derived from egg ...

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Mouse Studies Show that Longevity Gene May Play a Role In Maintaining Stem Cells in the Brain

Even if you do everything right – exercise, healthy eating, no smoking-- whether or not you'll make it to the century mark depends to some extent on your genes. One of the important longevity genes seems to be FOXO3A.  It's been linked to lifespan in several experimental animal models. In humans, studies ...

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The Olympic Games and Genes

Just two weeks before the scheduled start of the Beijing Olympics, a German film crew caught a Chinese doctor on film offering to give athletes stem cell treatments to enhance their performance. The reporter has since refused to identify the doctor on the tape and China has vehemently denied the ...

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