Getting Long in the Telomeres

May 30, 2013
Robin Smith, Health Content Scientist Barring injury, disease or capture, some scientists believe that a lobster could live virtually forever. They are amongst a select group of animals, including tortoises,...
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SNPwatch: Researchers Identify Variation Associated with Biological Aging

February 16, 2010
The candles on your birthday cake tell you how many years you’ve lived through, but they might not be a reflection of your biological age. Little bits of DNA called...
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A Genetic Variation Associated with Telomere Length

August 26, 2008
MrPumpernickel / www.instructables.comThe daily rigors of tying and untying would soon render our shoelaces frayed and useless if it weren’t for those protective plastic aglets on the ends. Roughly the...
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