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Birds of Feather

Adding more credence to the saying that “birds of a feather flock together” a new study published this week found that friends are as genetically similar as fourth cousins. The...

Where In the Kale?

Comparing 23andMe survey data and Google search data, our researchers were able to find geographic differences for things like leafy green versus red meat consumption.

Thanks Dad

23andMe took a look specifically at fathers, and the paternal traits they are likely to have in common with their children.

23andMe Looks At Regional Traits

23andMe mapped geographic patterns for more than 1,500 traits using aggregated and anonymous customer data to produce regional traits that constitutes an American tapestries of everything from personality to food...

The Sporting Life

In honor of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, one of our computational biologists, Emma Pierson, took a look at aggregated de-identified data from 23andMe customers, focusing on associations between certain...

23andMe Couples Correlated

23andMe looked at data from more than 15,000 couples with a biological child in common and found that opposites do not attract. In fact, couples are more alike than they are different.

23and Sleepless

For some of us up past midnight pecking away at the computer, apparently, life is less than beautiful. As part of our research, 23andMe asks customers all sorts of questions....