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Say Hey to Our 2022 Interns

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It’s summer again, which means 23andMe has a new class of interns. Although the pandemic put a brief pause on our intern program, we restarted the program last year with interns working remotely. This year, we’ll have a hybrid program with some interns working remotely and others in the office or lab.

This marks the fifth year of our program. As with each new class of interns, these talented young professionals will be working company-wide from internal communications and marketing to engineering and IT and from research and Therapeutics.

We’re fortunate to attract people from across the country, some still in school, some fresh out of school, and others making career changes. 23andMe believes in developing young talent, and we benefit from having a diverse class of interns with new ideas and energy invigorating what we do every day. We welcome them to our gene pool.

Read on to learn more about this year’s class of interns. We have a big pool of interns, so this is just the first group; we’ll feature the second batch of interns in part two of this post coming later this summer.

If you want to learn more about our intern program, check out the 23andMe Careers page. We’ll be posting more details about the program in the fall when we begin recruiting for the next class of interns. 

 If you still have questions, email 

Weifang Liu

Statistical Genetics Intern, Research

With a biostatistics background, Weifang develops and applies statistical methods for large-scale data. She has a deep passion for genetics research and hopes to bring her knowledge to a real-world setting. She is thrilled to join the Statistical Genetics team to investigate how to utilize genetic and functional genomics data to inform drug discovery.

Boran Gao

Statistical Genetics Intern, Research 

Boran is fascinated with the idea of genome-wide association study fine-mapping and gene prioritization across ancestries with 23andMe’s unique data. He is really excited to be joining the Genomics R&D team and contributing to the development of the novel methods and analysis pipeline building of fine mapping.

Kevin Liao

Statistical Genetics Intern, Research

Kevin is a biostatistics Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan who is interested in understanding the genetic architecture of complex traits, specifically across diverse populations. He is very excited to join 23andMe as a statistical genetics intern and looks forward to unraveling the shared local genetic basis across a variety of complex traits.  

Ayan Tiwari

Data Applications Intern, Engineering

Ayan is excited about joining our team as a Data Applications Engineer Intern. He is fluent in cloud technologies and curious about genetics. He will contribute by solving complex data-related business problems using technology.

Daniel Malawsky

Statistical Genetics Intern, Research

Daniel is interested in developing approaches to analyze human genetic data that address the complex observational and confounded nature of human studies. He is looking forward to assessing how auto-zygosity influences a broad range of human phenotypes in the statistical genetics group at 23andMe. 

Taiye Winful

Product Science Content Intern, Ancestry

As a biological anthropologist, Taiye has always been interested in culture, ancestry, and genomics. She is excited to be joining the Product Science team and contributing to helping consumers better understand their ancestral history.

Darcy Black

Legal Intern

Darcy is excited to learn and help the privacy team within the legal department navigate the evolving data privacy landscape as 23andMe continues to innovate in the genome space. 

Ida Shinder

Computational Biology Intern, Therapeutics

Ida is interested in how minute variations in genetic programming or environmental factors can lead to disease. In her research, she applies the creativity and quantitative rigor of computational sciences to develop software solutions that enable biomedical researchers to probe biological processes and identify disease-causing variations. Ida is looking forward to joining the Therapeutics team for a summer internship and contributing to turning genetic data into discoveries. 

Richa Agrawal

Biology Intern, Therapeutics

Richa has spent her undergraduate and graduate career studying cancer metastasis. As a biology intern, she is excited to observe the drug development pipeline firsthand, and contribute to preclinical research for therapeutic targets.

Noah Crafts

Enterprise Security Intern

Noah is interested in cybersecurity at all levels, from the system and network to international relations and geopolitics. 23andMe’s security operations team has the important mission of protecting the sensitive and personal data of the company and its clients. Noah is excited to be working with the security operations team to advance this mission and help improve the company’s security posture.

Nishanth Kuganesan

Biology Intern, Therapeutics

Nishanth will work with the biology team in the therapeutics department in the field of cardiometabolic diseases. Since cardiometabolic diseases result in highest mortality in the world hence, target discovery in search of therapeutic tools is a necessity in the field.  

Uche Onwuachumba

Supply Chain Inter, Supply Chain and Sourcing

Uchechukwu was raised in Lagos, Nigeria, and due to his yearning for career advancement and improvement he is currently an Industrial Engineering graduate student at Texas A&M University – Kingsville.

Roger Trejo

IT Help Desk Intern, Enterprise Tech & Infrastructure

Roger enjoys learning about both hardware and software: finding solutions to errors, malfunctions, and bugs.  

Soyoung Jeon

Translational Research Intern, Therapeutics

Soyoung is constantly inspired by the wealth of bioinformatics data to develop novel therapeutics with a powerful foundation in genetics. She’s thrilled to be joining the Therapeutics team as a summer intern and exploring projects to help patients with unmet medical needs.

Miro DeLuca

Archive Intern, Office of the CEO

Miro loves the intersection of history, preservation, and organization. She has worked with various databases and got started working in art gallery archives. She is excited by the different ways the field is currently developing and is passionate about developing new archives technologies for digital communities. She is eager to join the 23andme team as an Archives Intern for the 2022 Summer.

Samantha Maris

Social Media Intern, Marketing 

Samantha is passionate about how business, and social media, can be used as a force for good and she’s spent her studies and career so far exploring such. She is beyond excited to be joining 23andMe’s Social Media Team as a Summer Intern and working closely with the Brand Team to help support impactful and inspiring social media strategies that connect to the community.

Brianna Lopez

Backoffice Intern, Business Systems

Brianna is passionate about front-end and user interface/experience to better enhance users’ experience with a product. She cannot wait to join the Backoffice team to create and implement solutions for customer-facing features.

Jason Lin

Immunology Intern, Therapeutics 

Jason is polishing his skills in gene editing and drug screening. He spent his career so far in CRISPR-mediated gene modification and high-throughput assay. He is really excited to be joining the immunology group in therapeutics to contribute to discovering and developing novel therapeutic approaches to treat immune disorders. 

Zhen Miao

Computational Biology Intern, Therapeutics 

Zhen is devoted to developing computational tools for identifying tissues and cell types responsible for certain phenotypes by integrative analysis of genome-wide association  signals as well as multi-omics assays.

David Navarro

NetOps Automation Intern, Engineering 

David will focus on networking and security systems during his time at 23andMe.

German Perea Lopez

Data Engineer Intern, Business Systems 

German looks forward to working with leaders to find the best solutions to help change people’s lives for the better.

Briana Huynh

Research Associate Intern, Research

Briana will join 23andMe as a Research Associate intern working on projects to educate customers and research participants about their own health and genetics.

Pascal Beckert-McGirr

Marketing Strategy Intern, Marketing

Pascal joins a team dedicated to expanding access to novel health tools. He has worked in political communication in the past and looks forward to bringing this experience to the marketing strategy team this summer.

Lena Shi

FP&A Intern, Finance

Lena understands the importance of budgeting and keeping track of accurate financial numbers in operating a business, having run her own online plant shop for a few years. She’s beyond excited to be joining the team as an FP&A intern and contributing to the discovery of methods to streamline purchase order processes.

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