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Our 2022 Interns Part Two

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Summer’s not over yet, and neither is our welcome to interns. 

We introduced you to our first batch of summer interns last month. This month we’re welcoming the next group of interns who’ll be joining us this summer.

If you want to learn more about our intern program, check out the 23andMe Careers page. We’ll be posting more details about the program in the fall when we begin recruiting for the next class of interns. 

 If you still have questions, email 

James Stumpff

Immuno-oncology Intern, Therapeutics

James is a doctoral candidate for Cellular, Molecular, and Developmental Biology at the University of California, Riverside. He’s researching host responses to influenza infection, looking at differences in immune cell responses in mild and severe cases. His hope is to create new host-targeted therapeutics. James wants to also leverage his background in immunology to help in the development of new cancer therapies. This summer he’ll be using his skills and interest during his time with the Immuno-Oncology Group in Therapeutics.

Paige Pistono

Antibody & Protein Engineering Intern, Therapeutics

Paige is a doctoral student in Chemical Biology at UC Berkeley. Her focus is on using protein engineering techniques to improve virus-like particles for drug delivery applications. This summer she’ll be working with the Antibody and Protein Engineering Group in Therapeutics researching new antibody therapies.

Chris Mansfield

Antibody & Protein Engineering Intern, Therapeutics

Chris is working toward a graduate degree in molecular biology. His research focuses on validating druggable targets and novel inhibitors that could be used to develop therapeutics for drug-resistant malaria. At 23andMe, he’ll be interning with the Antibody and Protein Engineering group. 

Cam Lamoureux

Computational Biology Intern, Therapeutics

Cam loves using cutting-edge machine learning and bioinformatics methods to extract knowledge from genome sequences. For his internship, he’ll be working with the Therapeutics team to leverage genomic data for identification of novel therapeutic targets.

Rickie Chen

Platform Design Intern, Product

Rickie is interested in crafting efficient and innovative product designs for the healthcare space. He will be joining the Product Design team this summer as a Platform Design Intern and will be contributing to the design system and exploring product strategy at 23andMe.

Jinrong Ma

Antibody & Protein Engineering Intern, Therapeutics

Jinrong has been working on protein engineering to develop supramolecular nanostructures and safer therapeutics biomaterials. He’ll join the Protein Engineering Group in Therapeutics this summer working on the development of novel antibodies.

Elijah Gray

Communications Intern, Communications

Elijah has been writing and telling stories online since the minute he could pick up a keyboard. He’ll be applying those skills as an internal and external Communications team intern.

Sasha Yousefi

R&D Scientist Intern, Product

Sasha is working on her master’s degree in data science at Stanford University. She’ll be applying her skills on research and development with the product team to help build new predictive machine learning models. 

Sneha Ganguly

Immunology Intern, Therapeutics

Sneha spent five years at UC San Diego studying the association between respiratory allergies and DNA damage in lung cancer. She’ll be interning with the Therapeutics team developing immunology therapeutics.

Sai Preethi Nakkina

Metabolic & Cardiovascular Target Discovery Intern, Therapeutics

Preethi has already worked in therapeutics research, but will be interning with 23andMe on the team searching for drug targets for metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

Cassandra Nguyen

Creative Design Intern, Product

Cassandra Nguyen is a graphic designer, visual development and lettering artist with a passion for storytelling and audience engagement. She is fresh out of college but already has experience making short-films, and children’s books, receiving awards for her work. She hopes to apply those skills to her time at 23andMe. 

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