Jun 22, 2010 - Research

23andMe and a New Paradigm for Research

As highlighted in Thomas Goetz’s new Wired article “Sergey’s Search,” 23andMe’s innovative web-based research platform is pushing Parkinson’s disease research ahead at an unprecedented pace.   With our database clocking in at 50,000 genotyped customers–a number that grows everyday–we’re poised to make exciting discoveries in many other areas.

As long as we are tooting our own horn, here are some other numbers we’d like to shout from the rooftops:

  • 40 research surveys in progress
  • 29,000 customers participating in research…so far
  • 9 MILLION research questions answered
  • 650+ genome-wide association studies being run in parallel
  • 100s of genetic associations found — both replications and novel discoveries
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