Nov 6, 2013 - News

23andMe And Innovation

Today in San Francisco,Anne Cover Shot

Of course 23andMe is there. Our very own co-founder and CEO Anne Wojcicki, recently named by the magazine as the “Most Daring CEO In America,” will talk about her vision for the company.   23andMe was founded in part to empower people by giving them access to their own genetic information and involving them in their own health in ways that will also accelerating research and lead to a new era of personalized medicine. Along with talking about 23andMe’s core values, Anne will explain the benefits of getting tested.

With a welcome from San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, the conference will include such luminaries as Ben Silbermann, the CEO of Pinterest and Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger and a long list of others.

23andMe will be tweeting out of the meeting most of the day today. You can find us here. Check it out.

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