Apr 27, 2019 - Ancestry

23andMe collaborates with Legacy Tree Genealogists


Insights gleaned from your DNA can be transformational, but 23andMe results are most powerful when combined with other kinds of information, such as family histories, or observable traits, or sometimes even paper records.

23andMe has seen how our customers have combined their 23andMe DNA Relatives results, along with family lore, and perhaps a family tree, to make discoveries about themselves and their ancestry.

To foster these kinds of explorations, 23andMe is piloting a new offer with Legacy Tree Genealogists, a Salt Lake City-based company that specializes in full-service genealogical research for clients worldwide, helping them discover their roots and personal history through records, narratives, and DNA. .

As part of this special offer 23andMe customers can access a 45-minute consultation with a genetic genealogist, meant to help them navigate their 23andMe Ancestry results, and possibly start on a path to trace their lineage or solve a family mystery.

The consultation, which costs $100, will assist those 23andMe customers who want to do a bit more with their genetic ancestry results. Whether it’s searching for a long lost relative, a biological parent or merely filling in the gaps of one’s family tree, we hope this pilot program will help.

The consultation will focus on customers’ 23andMe Ancestry results, and during the session, customers will have to share their screen with the professional from Legacy Tree Genealogists.

Customers can find out more about this pilot offer by clicking on the Legacy Tree Genealogists banner located under the Next Steps section on their Ancestry Overview.

Not yet a customer? Find out more about 23andMe’s Ancestry Service here.


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