Sep 21, 2017 - Stories

23andMe Customers Share Their Stories of Discovery

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We all hunger for identity. It gives us a sense of belonging. But increasingly, traditional categories fall short. We are all more than just white or black, Latino or Asian. We need a better way to define ourselves.

Self Exploration

At the core of the 23andMe experience is self-exploration, giving people a chance to peer into their DNA to find that subtle, sometimes surprising, and even uncomfortable mix in their identity: A Lebanese man with deep Arab roots learning he has Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry, an African American woman of deep faith learning that her religious heritage is more mixed than she imagined, a proud son of the South meeting and reconciling with his African American cousin, and a successful young woman, Angelina, who described herself as African American discovering she has Native American and Latino ancestry.

For years, we’ve heard from customers who have shared their stories of self-exploration. Over the summer, we began to explore some of these in short videos. We delve into this new notion of self-identity, finding people who learn about their own surprising mixed ethnicity.

New Campaign

Elegantly assembled by Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Jeremy Levine and Landon Van Soest of Transient Pictures, this campaign is more than just a company embracing a message of diversity. It offers people the tools to look into their DNA to help them redefine themselves and change how they look at the world.

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