Feb 3, 2009 - News

23andMe Science Advisor Wins Science Blogging Challenge

Russ AltmanRuss Altman

We’re pleased to announce that 23andMe Science Advisory Board member Russ Altman has won the Nature Network 2008 Science Blogging Challenge for his blog, “Building confidence.”

Russ was commended for his insights about pharmacogenomics, science funding, the implications of rapidly decreasing genotyping costs and other topics. His account of how cool it is to have access to your genetic data (“One of my first post-genomic moments”) was also selected by the judges to be part of an anthology of last year’s best science blogging.

The people who created the prize run an online social network for scientists that is part of the Nature Publishing Group, which also sponsors the annual Science Foo Camp (SciFoo) at Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. Russ won a free trip to this year’s SciFoo camp (But since he lives just a few miles away the money that would have gone to his travel expenses will be used to help deserving attendees who have farther to travel!).

Congratulations, Russ. Keep blogging.

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