Jan 13, 2015 - 23andMe Research Communities

23andMe’s Recent Research Collaborations

This week 23andMe announced a collaboration with Pfizer Inc, allowing researchers with the drug maker to leverage 23andMe’s unique platform to conduct genome-wide associations studies, surveys and clinical trial recruitment.

The news follows a collaboration begun over the summer between 23andMe and Pfizer to enroll 10,000 people in a study to explore the genetic factors associated with the onset, progression, severity and response to treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

The collaboration with Pfizer – as well as work with academic researchers and other companies such as Genentech, Reset Therapeutics and others – is part of an effort by 23andMe to offer qualified and approved scientists outside of 23andMe a chance to leverage our unique research platform for discovery.

For more about 23andMe’s collaborations see our CEO’s interview on CNBC.

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