Oct 14, 2013 - News

A Look At 23andMe’s DNA Revolution

You don’t need an excuse to read the always-interesting magazine Fast Company, but if you did, here it is:

This week’s cover story,  “The Most Daring CEO in America,” features 23andMe’s CEO and co-founder Anne Wojcicki.Anne Cover Shot

Writer Elizabeth Murphy gets to the core of what 23andMe is trying to accomplish: what we’re doing is new, our service offers incredible potential to change how people approach their health and wellness, and that our research model offers new opportunities for scientific discoveries.

But to get there, 23andMe also has to clear some hurdles outlined in Murphy’s story. One of those is simply a matter of explaining the complicated science behind genetics. Another is reaching the people we’ve identified as our core audience: those who see value in having access to their genetic information because of the power that knowledge brings them in managing their own health.

Or as Neil Rothstein, 23andMe’s vice president of marketing, says in the piece, “We’re not really focused on a specific age group or gender or fitness level. It’s people who have this control mind-set.”

Murphy mentions 23andMe’s first-ever TV ad campaign, which also happens to be the first time any personal genetics company has aired this kind of health-focused commercial on television.

While 23andMe is focused on providing valuable health and ancestry information to consumers, 23andMe President Andy Page emphasized that as our customer base grows it will power the research to make important genetic discoveries in the future.

As Anne says in the article 23andMe’s mission as a company isn’t just about return on investment, but “revolutionizing healthcare.”

Check it out here.

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