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All Human

All Human Crop Wide

We are all 100 percent human.

The DNA that 23andMe empowers customers to explore is fascinating not because we are so different but rather because we are so similar — 99.5 percent the same.

Any two of us can find a common ancestor. Many of us can find relatives around the world that connect us to people and cultures we never before experienced. It is only the tiny fraction of our DNA — the 0.5 percent — that is different and leads to the amazing variety and talent in the world.

23andMe condemns all forms of racism, including people who are using genetic testing to advance hate-based dogma. If we see it on our site, we ban it and close the offenders’ accounts. These individuals, who use their data in this way, are missing the fundamental point that their DNA is connected to the world and everyone on it.

There is no superior DNA;  we are all from the same common ancestors and we share the same building blocks of life.

We are all 100 percent human.


Here are some answers to questions on this issue:

How does 23andMe moderate its forums for hate speech?

We do not tolerate hate speech and other forms of abuse on our forums, blog and messaging applications within the 23andMe product. 23andMe’s customer care team moderates these 23andMe-specific channels, along with a team that monitors our social media profiles. If we identify hate speech or any other abuse of 23andMe-specific channels, we remove those comments and ban the users. If we identify inappropriate comments on our social profiles we remove those wherever possible.

Have you kicked any white supremacist customers off your forums, or taken any other action against them?
We have banned people from our forums and from commenting on our blog. These bans were based on inappropriate comments and forum behavior, but we have not had a case that specifically involved a white supremacist.

We condemn racism in all forms. We consistently promote a message of inclusion, and we believe our service has the power to change minds. Our hope is all individuals see our test as an opportunity to learn more about themselves, and also understand we are more alike than different. In fact science tells us we’re 99.5% genetically identical.

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