Sep 23, 2015 - Ancestry

DNA Testing Helps Amnesiac

A Florida amnesiac has finally figured out his identity with a lot of help from strangers, genetic genealogist CeCe Moore and DNA testing.

Benjaman Kyle, who was found beaten and semi-conscious behind a south Georgia Burger King 11 years ago, has spent the last several years in Jacksonville Florida, working in a kitchen. His story received national attention with coverage on NPR and Dr. Phil to name a few.

“My identity has been found,” Kyle posted on his Facebook page. “It is now the start of the eleventh year since this began and I never thought this day would come. A little over two months ago I was informed by CeCe Moore that they had established my Identity using DNA.”

It was thought that the beating left him with “retrograde amnesia,” so that he could remember more recent event, but the past was largely blank. CeCe spent two years working with a team comparing matches from several DNA testing companies, including 23andMe where he had more than half a dozen close cousin matches and dozens of more distant cousins.

Looking at surnames, geography and the little information that Benjaman had – which included a specific birth date – she was able to find several likely matches, according to a Florida News station that covered the story this week.

One of the few memories he retained was of Indianapolis. The search connected him with family in Indiana, including several brothers.

Over the summer testing confirmed a family match.

He didn’t reveal his real name yet because:

“I am reserving my new name, for now, until I have met my new found relatives,” he said.

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