May 28, 2015 - Ancestry

How I Met My Father

For decades, Jonathan Hay, a well-known hip-hop producer and Santa Monica-based PR maven, felt paralyzed by the mystery of his birth.jonathan-hay1

That all changed late last year after connecting for the first time with his biological parents, in part because of testing with 23andMe.

His story was recently featured in The Ledger in Central Florida, where his biological father, Ron Bradley, and half-brother, Ryan Bradley, live. His biological mother, Pamela Nicely, lives in Ohio.

Although he spoke on the phone with Pamela and Ron, Jonathan had difficulty meeting them in person.”They wanted to see me on Thanksgiving, and then they wanted to see me on Christmas, and I found myself making excuses,” Jonathan told The Ledger.

He and his parents will meet in person for the first time sometime later this year, but it will be on camera as part of a reality series Hay is putting together called “The Haymaker.”

Stay tuned for more about his reality show.

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