Oct 19, 2018 - Ancestry

Ludo Cooking in the Kitchen with 23andMe

Ludo 2

Food is the secret spice of every culture, and these rich customs find their expression in kitchens of almost every household around the world. Sharing those customs and the experience of cooking a meal with your family helps deepen those cultural and familial bonds, while also being fun and delicious.

That is what is so enticing about cooking based on your ancestry. Whether you’re inspired to try new ingredients from your ancestral origins or want to try to make traditional food from regions you never knew you had ties to, there are many delicious discoveries to be made through your DNA.

That’s partially why 23andMe partnered with one of the world’s top 50 chefs, Chef Ludo Lefebvre for Season 7 of his FoodAndWine.com cooking show. Chef Ludo took a 23andMe test, and found he has more than just French ancestry. In the first episode of his FoodAndWine.com show, ‘Ludo a la Maison,’ Chef Ludo cooked up a chicken a la crème inspired by his newfound Belgian roots.


Tune in every week on Wednesdays, to find out what, and from what part of his DNA, Chef Ludo is cooking up!


Check out the preview.



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