Jul 9, 2015 - Ancestry

More Than Just Luck

The amazing CeCe Moore, a genetic genealogist and 23andMe Ancestry Ambassador, has done it again, solving a familyCeCephoto mystery and helping a woman connect with her biological mother for the first time.

“DNA,” Moore told the Orange County Register, “was the only way to solve this.”

The story, which appeared in the Orange County Register, generated a lot of questions and some strong reactions. CeCe and her team had helped Kayla Tovo, a 27 year-old mother and US Army veteran, solve the mystery of her birth.

Kayla was just a few hours old when a janitor found her wrapped in a towel in a milk crate left in the back of an Alpha Beta grocery store.

Her story could have ended in tragedy if not for being adopted by a wonderful loving mother and growing up in a supportive home. But after having children of her own, and a brush with death in Afghanistan, Kayla decided to try in earnest to find the woman who abandoned her. She wanted to know why. A friend connected her to CeCe. Kayla then tested with 23andMe and found a first cousin once removed, providing her the pivotal lead to connect her to her biological family.

“I received questions from all over social media on this story,” CeCe told us. “(Kayla) was lucky, and some have complained they don’t have matches that close.”

But as the database grows, so too does the possibility for new and closer matches, she said.

“New matches are coming in all the time and the newer ones are more likely to respond and share family tree information than the older matches,” CeCe said.

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