Aug 23, 2023 - Health + Traits

Stay on Track with 23andMe Health Tracks


Your genetics aren’t your destiny, but understanding your genetics will help you take control of your future when it comes to your health.

This week we’re introducing 23andMe+ Premium Health TracksSM, a new feature for subscribers. Health Tracks brings some your 23andMe reports to life by enabling you to visualize and interact with your data. The feature makes it easier to understand how lifestyle and genetics may influence your health over time. 

By synthesizing genetic data with data about your lifestyle, Health Tracks allows you to see how making healthy choices each day — eating healthier, walking more, or getting more sleep — can greatly impact your health over time.

An image of the mobile display for health tracks looking at different trajectories of risk based on genetics, and a healthy lifestyle.
Stay on Track 

Health Tracks uses data visualization to allow you to see how healthy lifestyle habits can directly impact your health. 23andMe+ Premium members can see how staying on a healthy track can reduce their likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or coronary artery disease. Health Tracks allows you to see how making healthy changes could significantly bend the risk curve. It will help steer you toward healthier outcomes, even for those with a higher genetic likelihood of developing one of those conditions.

23andMe+ Premium members should first update their recent lifestyle survey to optimize this feature. Updating this information will allow the feature to make more accurate projections. Health Tracks will initially be available for some of the most common conditions impacting people today. The feature looks at type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease. We hope to add more conditions over time.

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This new feature is meant to be a feature for you to optimize your health. And it is meant to help motivate you to reach your health goals over time. As they move forward on their health journey we hope people come back to Health Tracks to see how the positive changes they make every day can have a big impact on their health now and in the future.

23andMe+ Premium members can view their Health Tracks here.

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