Dec 23, 2016 - Stories

The Gift

The stories all start the same – with a 23andMe kit given at Christmas – but then they follow their own fascinating narratives that are as unique as the customers who share them with us.

Almost daily we hear from people who’ve learned something new about themselves or their families using 23andMe. Some of the stories are moving or mysterious, others have a lighter touch, but they all carry the weight of someone’s humanity.

With the holiday just around the corner, we wanted to share a few stories with you.

There’s Pat Nosko’s story of finding family.

“It’s the most amazingly beautiful gift I could have ever hoped to give my mother,” said Kelle Scott, who gave her mother Pat a kit at Christmas. Pat, who’d been adopted and knew little about her biological parents, found a sister she never knew she had.

It’s was Lenny Scoval’s wife how gave him a kit for Christmas, and he too found family.

An adoptee, who at 52, connected with seven of the twelve siblings he’d never knew he had.

It was Adam’s partner Steve who gave him a kit as a present. Adam found biological family, but also found that he could help someone else, someone who like himself had been searching for biological family. Adam probably best summed up what many customers have told of about using 23andMe.

“This entire experience has helped explain why I am the way I am,” he said, “and I am forever grateful.”

Happy Holidays!

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