Jan 21, 2008 - News

Welcome to 23andMe’s blog!

(Editor’s note 3/19: A lot has changed since we first started our blog, which was once cheekily dubbed The Spittoon. But the most important principals still drive us. Helping people access, understand and benefit from the human genome. The blog is another tool for us to communicate news about genetics, 23andMe’s offerings, and science generally.) 

In the two months that 23andMe has been in business, we’ve had our fair share of media coverage.

We’ve been in newspapers and magazines, on TV and the radio.

But more than anything else, we’ve been blogged about.

Over the last few weeks the comments, compliments and criticisms of bloggers have often enlightened, sometimes amused and occasionally amazed us. Kudos to the guy who wrote a program so people can download their own data from our site! 

Now it’s our turn.

We intend for 23andMe’s blog to be a place where we can share important news with our customers, potential customers, friends and critics. In fact, we’ve already been at it for a few weeks internally. So please go ahead and browse through the dozen or so posts we’ve already put up.

Above all, we want the blog to be informative. It will offer the latest news about 23andMe in particular and human genetics in general.

It will also offer posts to help our customers use and understand their data better, and maybe a few ruminations on where this genetic revolution is going. And the blog will share some of the ideas and adventures of our founders, who travel the world explaining how 23andMe not only lets people access their genetic information and share it with friends and family, but empowers them to contribute their data for studies that could dramatically advance genetics.

And of course there will be comments.

Could you have a blog without them?

So from all of us at 23andMe, welcome. We cordially invite you to read, think and leave your two-cents’ worth. And we look forward to seeing you here often.

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