People Want to Know About Potential Health Risks

April 25, 2019
A new national survey shows a keen interest in DNA testing primarily driven by people’s desire to know more about their potential health risks.The survey, conducted by 23andMe in the...
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Spit Podcast Takes on Type 2 Diabetes

April 24, 2019
Recorded in front of a live audience at this year’s SXSW conference in Austin, the latest episode of Spit, an iHeartRadio podcast with 23andMe tackles one of our most significant...
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Mindy and Cindy’s 23andMe Story

April 18, 2019
Using 23andMe Mindy and Cindy discovered that they are sisters and uncovered a twist to their story that only deepens their connections.
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Guillaume’s Search

April 11, 2019
Orphaned during the Vietnam war and raised in France, Guillaume uses 23andMe to help him find family he thought had disappeared in the fog of war.
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Participating in 23andMe Research, A Customer’s Perspective

April 10, 2019
23andMe research participant Tony Garrett gives his perspective on why he is participating in research and his hopes for the future.
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A New 23andMe Genetic Health Risk Report Brings to Light Underdiagnosed Condition

April 09, 2019
23andMe's new report on TTR-related hereditary amyloidosis looks at the three most common variants associated with this little known and underdiagnosed genetic condition.
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23andMe Tests New Ancestry Breakdown in Central and South Asia

April 03, 2019
23andMe is testing an update of its signature Ancestry Composition tool, offering a better breakdown for customers with ancestry from Central and South Asia.
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23andMe’s New Dandruff Report

April 02, 2019
You have a good head on your shoulders, but your genetics might be influencing whether or not you also have a little dandruff there.While we can’t brush it off for...
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It’s Not a Stretch to See 23andMe’s New Report on Stretch Marks

April 02, 2019
Pregnancy or rapid changes in weight can lead to stretch marks, but your genetics plays a vital role in whether you see those lines across your skin.23andMe scientists have identified...
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Does your DNA make you LOL?

April 01, 2019
For April Fools Day 23andMe releases data showing some of their findings on how genetics plays a role not just in a person’s sense of humor, but in their ability to get a joke.
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