Helping Other Korean Adoptees Find Their Story

September 25, 2020
Thomas Park Clement helped hundreds of Korean adoptees, like him, use DNA testing to connect for the first time with biological relatives. Strangely up until a few years ago, he’d...
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A Gift of Knowledge

July 14, 2020
Ann, a genetics professor, used 23andMe to find her mother's sister. But 23andMe also offered a gift of knowledge with insight into her ancestry and health.
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This Father’s Day Is their First

June 07, 2020
While fatherhood is about much more than biology, for many using DNA to connect with their birth fathers for the first time has given them answers to questions about their origins, and their family history. This Father's Day is particularly special for a few 23andMe customers because it is the first one they'll have with their new-found birth fathers. 
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Connecting with Family Across Borders

May 15, 2020
For International Day of Families, 23andMe wanted to share with you what amounts to an international family story.Life has been good for Paul Knoll. He and his wife raised two sons...
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A 23andMe Skeptic Changes Her Mind

April 29, 2020
A 23andMe skeptic changes her mind after testing and learning that she had genetic predispositions for Celiac disease and Type 2 diabetes, two conditions she has.
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Health Inspiration

April 15, 2020
Using 23andMe helped inspire Mary to take charge of her health and lose weight. It also connected her to a new niece and nephew.
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23andMe Connection Offers Clues to a 75-year-old Mystery

March 04, 2020
23andMe opened up a 75-year-old mystery for three sisters, connecting them to their biological uncle and revealing that their father may have been kidnapped as a very young boy and raised by strangers, never knowing the truth of his origins.
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Learning About Yourself With 23andMe

February 18, 2020
Jeremiah wanted to know more about his African ancestry. He used 23andMe to discover how his DNA connected him to what is now Ghana, Nigeria, and the Congo.
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Taking a Leap Into My DNA: Part II

February 11, 2020
By Amanda McCorquodaleWhen I ordered my 23andMe kit, I thought genetic health information was simply another version of family health history gathered by doctors at every wellness visit.  My Results...
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Thomas Finds Family, and then His Valentine

February 07, 2020
Thomas used 23andMe and found family, and then his family helped him find Maria, the love of his life and his Valentine.
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