A Family Gets Healthy, with Some Help from Mom

May 08, 2022
Corie Allessie, a retired dental assistant and former Navy jet mechanic, has a few essential rules for healthy living.  Never, ever eat in front of the television. Get up and...
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A Mother’s Vision

May 04, 2022
For Mother’s Day this year we want to highlight Lisa, a public health nurse with a background in genetics, who shared what she learned using 23andMe as part of a...
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A 23andMe Customer Reflects on the Meaning of Family  

April 21, 2022
By Jodee ProuseI believe nothing is more important than family. But what do I mean when I say family? For me, it’s about more than the DNA we share. A...
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Celebrating National Sibling Day with Victor and Eva

April 08, 2022
We rightfully honor Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but for those of us to be lucky enough to have them, Sibling’s Day can be just as powerful.  This year, Siblings...
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An Irish Welcome

March 15, 2022
Each March, when she was still in grade school, Mary’s parents would dress her in what passed for Irish clothes — a lot of green — to celebrate the feast...
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More Alike Than Different

February 22, 2022
For Twosday (Tuesday 2/22/22) We're sharing a story we did a few years back about identical twins. Twins are endlessly fascinating for us as humans, and their stories are embedded in our folklore and mythology. But twins and the study of twins is also a cornerstone for genetic research helping us better understand the heritability of different traits, conditions and diseases. Check out these stories.
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Tracing Roots in Africa

February 21, 2022
An update of 23andMe's Ancestry Composition, that includes 25 new ethnolinguistic groups in Africa ,is helping customers like Jamila to learn about cultures and groups with whom she and her family are connected.
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A Stroke Survivor Wants to Raise Awareness for Other Women

January 10, 2022
For Jessica Diaz, a stroke at 36 didn’t just alter the course of her life; it’s driven her to help other women who might unknowingly be at risk for the...
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The Gift of a Lifetime

December 15, 2021
23andMe has been the gift of a lifetime for many customers. Some have discovered new family, or a sense of connection or valuable health information.
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Long Lost Friends Learn They’re Also Sisters

December 13, 2021
On the cusp of turning 70 Linda learned that she wasn’t an only child after all, not only that but her newfound sister, Cheryl, was a former co-worker and good...
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