A Veterans’ Day Story From 23andMe

November 09, 2021
On Veterans’ Day this year, Jessica Dudley will be thinking a lot about someone she’s never met. An Army Veteran she’d searched for her whole life. “I’m very proud of him....
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Taking Action for Health, A BRCA Story

October 14, 2021
After learning she had a BRCA variant that put her at higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer, Jenn took action.
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23andMe Offers Revelations for Adoptee Searching for His Siblings

September 17, 2021
Adoptee and filmmaker Aaron Harris used 23andMe to help him learn more about himself, and his connections to his birth family.
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Doing Something Positive For Your Health

August 16, 2021
Ann, who formerly worked caring for the elderly, learned firsthand how chronic conditions could impact you as you age. So this year after looking at her 23andMe reports, she decided...
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Long Time Friends Find Out They’re Actually Sisters

July 30, 2021
If you’re lucky, you have a friend who has become so close that you think of them as a sibling. That’s what it was like for Julia and Cassie, who...
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A Father and Daughter Meet for the First Time

June 15, 2021
Tom Chaney was the kind of cop who was married to his job. During his more than two decades in law enforcement, he’d grab shifts on holidays, fill in for...
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Mother’s Day Miracle

May 05, 2021
For almost five years Megan McCarthy didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day. She couldn’t, it was too painful.  It reminded her of losing her mom, who passed away 13 years ago. It...
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Clear-Eyed About A Risk for AMD

April 09, 2021
When it comes to her health, there is no bliss in ignorance for Kelly Anderson. “For me, I’ve always wanted to know. I’ve always wanted to know what’s happening or...
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Raising Awareness of Parkinson’s Disease

April 06, 2021
April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. It also marks the 12th anniversary of 23andMe’s groundbreaking Parkinson’s Research community, which is now the largest genetic research cohort for Parkinson’s disease in the...
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Participating for Better Equity in Research

February 26, 2021
Jordan Carroll, a social worker and patient advocate in San Diego, has a simple answer for why he’s participating in 23andMe’s Black Representation in Genetic Research study:  “I was happy...
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