The Genetic Impact of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

October 24, 2019
23andMe researchers presented one of the first and largest, broad-scale studies using genetic data to look at the human impact of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
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23andMe Looks at Parenthood and Sleep Quality

October 22, 2019
Parenthood has its rewards, but a good night's sleep isn't one of them. 23andMe researchers found that parents, particularly single moms, reported worse sleep.
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Survey Finds 23andMe Customers Make Positive Changes to Their Health

October 16, 2019
A new survey of 23andMe’s Health + Ancestry customers conducted by M/A/R/C® Research found that more than three-quarters reported that after receiving their personalized genetic reports they made at least...
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Data Shows Your Gender, Diet and Age All Impact Exercise Frequency

October 14, 2019
Data from 23andMe shows that age, gender, and diet all have an impact on exercise frequency.
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First Estimates for Uniparental Disomy, a Rare Genetic Phenomenon

October 10, 2019
Research drawn from 23andMe data has for the first time allowed scientists to estimate the frequency of a very rare genetic phenomenon known as “uniparental disomy,” or UPD. In UPD the...
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Learn Something New for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 03, 2019
For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to shed some light on something you might not know. Studies suggest that more than half of individuals with a cancer-related variant in...
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I’m Stepping Up for a Cure, Will You?

September 21, 2019
Editor’s note: This opinion first appeared in the Lafayette Journal & Courier newspaper. We’re reprinting with permission from the author.Reni, right, and her husband Kelly.By Reni Winter-Evans, LSWI used to...
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Global Genetics Project Expand To More Countries

September 20, 2019
23andMe expands its Global Genetics Project adding new populations in Africa and Asia to help improve the diversity of its genetics database for research. The success of the program means that we can now expand the set of countries for which we are recruiting. These additional countries (including French Guiana, Ghana, and Suriname) are underrepresented not only in 23andMe research, but also in genetics research more broadly.
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Lifestyle Changes May Help Reduce Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

September 16, 2019
Although there remains no cure and only limited treatments for symptoms, there’s a bit of good news to report this year during World Alzheimer’s Month.  A handful of changes to...
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A Genetic Study Looking at the Natural Diversity of Human Sexuality

September 04, 2019
A new international study looking at same-sex sexual relations did not find a "gay gene," but it did find thousands of genetic variants that influence same-sex sexual behavior. Across all the thousands of genetic variants found they explain somewhere between 8 and 25 percent of the variation in same-sex sexual behavior. The genetic variants identified are far from being predictive of same-sex sexual behavior. The study is the largest of its kind ever done.
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