Lifestyle Changes May Help Reduce Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

September 16, 2019
Although there remains no cure and only limited treatments for symptoms, there’s a bit of good news to report this year during World Alzheimer’s Month.  A handful of changes to...
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A Genetic Study Looking at the Natural Diversity of Human Sexuality

September 04, 2019
A new international study looking at same-sex sexual relations did not find a "gay gene," but it did find thousands of genetic variants that influence same-sex sexual behavior. Across all the thousands of genetic variants found they explain somewhere between 8 and 25 percent of the variation in same-sex sexual behavior. The genetic variants identified are far from being predictive of same-sex sexual behavior. The study is the largest of its kind ever done.
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Same-Sex Sexual Behavior Partially Influenced by Genetics

August 29, 2019
A new genetic study found thousands of genetic variants associated with same-sex sexual behavior, but did not find any evidence of a so-called "gay gene."
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23andMe Explores Dietary Habit and Health Outcomes

August 06, 2019
23andMe investigate how dietary habits, along with genetics, demographics, lifestyle and other data can influence overall health outcomes.
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A Conversation with Nilanjan Chatterjee

June 05, 2019
Johns Hopkins University statistical geneticist, Nilanjan Chatterjee, Ph.D., a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Biostatistics and Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, to help us at 23andMe put into context the work being done around the world on polygenic risk modeling.
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23andMe Scientist to Present Data on the Genetics of Type 2 Diabetes at American Diabetes Association Conference

June 03, 2019
23andMe’s Senior Product Scientist, Michael Multhaup, Ph.D., will offer up some of what we’ve learned in a presentation at the American Diabetes Association conference titled “Polygenic Risk Score Predicts Type 2 Diabetes Susceptibility in a Diverse Consumer Genetic Database.”
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23andMe’s Populations Collaborations Program Supports Research in Understudied Groups

May 28, 2019
Formally launched last year as one of several initiatives to expand diversity in genetics research, 23andMe’s Populations Collaborations Program supports researchers working with understudied populations from locations as wide-ranging as...
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An Ode To Mom Genes

April 29, 2019
A poem for mom from us here at 23andMe as we get nearer to Mother's Day, highlighting just a few of the many traits we inherited from her.
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Remembering Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza

April 28, 2019
23andMe's senior director for research, Joanna Mountain, memorializes the pioneering human geneticist Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza, who passed away last year. Luca, as he was known to his friends, helped lay the groundwork for using genetics to study human migration and population genetics.
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Participating in 23andMe Research, A Customer’s Perspective

April 10, 2019
23andMe research participant Tony Garrett gives his perspective on why he is participating in research and his hopes for the future.
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